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GPS Tracking


GPS tracking of driver & power equipment provides minute to minute reporting of the progress of your shipment.  We use this technology to monitor your shipment or Line Haul in real-time.  We also utilize this technology to ensure our commitment to compliance and safety in transportation.

We utilize a “Best-in-class”, end-to-end fleet management software solution from Omnitracs XRS the pioneer of commercial vehicle telematics.

Powerful Logging and Computing

Omnitracs XRS solution is a tracking & compliance powerhouse. It operates on mobile devices and while fully featured, its primary job is to keep our fleet and drivers compliant and connected to increase overall efficiency and visibility. Through this platform, our fleet and drivers can use their smartphones and tablets to stay on the grid in real time.

Technology & Compliance You Can Trust

With over 15 years of experience in providing electronic-logging devices and almost 30 years in the industry, Omnitracs is a trusted platform. Omnitracs XRS is certified to comply with all current and past industry regulations so keeping our fleet visible, safe and compliant is simple.

Highlights of Our GPS Tracking Services

  • Device flexibility simplifies inspections and other out-of-cab activities
  • Tracks our vehicle and sends information via Wi-Fi and cellular networks
  • Speech-to-text capability keeps our drivers focused on the road

GPS Services

We are able to see real-time views into the status of drivers, vehicles, and locations with Omnitracs’ FleetView.

This allows us to know where our trucks and drivers are at all times. Moreover, we are able see where they were, where they are going, and critical information such as hours available, all from one screen. FleetView provides a near real-time view into the status of our fleet.

Improved Customer Service

This technology Improves customer service as our dispatchers and customer service representatives always know where trucks are, and where they are headed.

More Efficient Route Planning

With driver breadcrumb analysis, we can quickly see where trucks could be overlapping routes, leading to better route plans. Our ability to proactively monitor decreases out-of-route miles and creates route driver accountability.

Decreased back office burden

Administration time is decreased by our ability to instantly find drivers and vehicles bested suited for a job.

Vehicle Insights

We can quickly see which vehicles are available, in motion, or stopped. We can easily build the view of trucks we want to see by utilizing quick filters and views, including organization and resource groups.  We can locate our units on a map and their motion state, highlighting the most critical elements such as activity (moving, stopped), in violation, vehicles without drivers, and active. We can drill down into vehicle and driver data from quick filters. Vehicle locations are updated every 5 minutes. We can view breadcrumb or last known location details. We have  road, aerial and bird’s eye mapping views with real time traffic. We can locate vehicles near customer sites and see HOS data and action screens for quick dispatch. We can link to other features in our system like messaging, reports, or entity management. There is activity detail on each driver from one screen. We have the ability to expand to full screen view, and the ability to minimize driver detail.  There are icon-based views to see and identify critical items like violation or low driver time.  We have the ability to search by driver or by truck unit.  We can quickly find drivers and trucks and execute orders Omnitracs, LLC Omnitracs is the global pioneer of innovative and comprehensive fleet management solutions transforming the transportation industry through technology and insight.

Omnitracs XRS has more than 25 years of leadership and experience which uniquely positions it to serve our need for seamlessly integrated compliance, safety, productivity, route planning & delivery, analytics, and transportation management.

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